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Change and Influence

23 Oct

Change is difficult; for some it is almost impossible. When innovators and agents of change are not in formal leadership roles, it can seem impractical to attempt to influence change for fear of experiencing backlash from those in authority over you. However, change is a constant, especially in this century – more than at any time previously.

So, how do we approach change? What ‘tactics’ can be initiated to parlay change when it is needed for the organization’s sustainability – viability when the leader does not see the need for change?

Barbara Moses, a Canadian consultant and author, offers the following advise:

If your boss doesn’t understand the need for change, this might be partly your fault. You can’t make change; you have to sell it. And the key to selling anything is to understand where the other person is coming from . . . rather than to assume that your boss is a jerk. But most of us communicate from an egocentric place. We construct an idea or a project mainly in terms of what makes sense to us. Instead, ask yourself; “What is mot important to my boss?” “What are his/her greatest concerns?” go forward only after you have answered these questions.   


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