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Organizational Restructure and Redesign

30 Dec

In every aspect of restructure and redesign, it is imperative that organizational leaders rethink their roles. The only way for an organization to generate the speed necessary to succeed in the twenty-first century is to allow people within the organization to go as fast as they can. The notion of coaching from the bench takes on new meaning as leaders strategically implement new structures and designs and break down the barriers that traditionally gave status and power. Although the leadership aspects will be discussed in the following chapters, first and foremost, great leaders serve; they are not part of the organization to be served. Their primary goal is for the good of the organization, not for their own self-gratification.


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Leadership Secrets for 2012

13 Dec

At the 2011 World Business Forum, Ben Zander – conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, shared his leadership secrets to success. Consider them as you prepare for the New Year

  1. Visualize your role as a leader, not as the central figure of control, but getting players to explore the possibilities. When you make a mistake, or others do, respond with “How fascinating!” and don’t place blame.
  2. Opportunities always lie in reframing the question and examining the assumptions you and your teammates are taking for granted and don’t realize you are making. Anyone in the organization can identify and challenge assumptions, so get started today and engage in the exploration.
  3. You’ll never live a full life complaining. Today’s reality often seems fixed with strong competition and grim goals. Take the perspective of “what if” and “what’s next” and never lose sight of the broader vision.
  4. Distinguish the “downward spiral” from “radiating possibilities,” reliably and consistently. When things are defined as WIN/LOSE you constrain possibilities.
  5. The secret to life is “all is invented” and “all is in the perception and framed in your perspective.”
  6. Remember Rule #6 (when others are overcome by problems): “Don’t take yourself so seriously.” Essentially, turn everything to a positive and never complain, and you will stay closer to the track that will open possibilities. Tension never releases possibilities.


Let me add a 7th rule for 2012: “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. ¬†And, never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

No part of these articles may be reproduced in any form without permission from the author.

Fear of Failure and Creativity

10 Dec

The fear of failure exists in an atmosphere where creativity is stifled. Creativity involves risks and failure must be regarded as a learning experience. Creativity is birthed where failing is good . . . as long as it (failing) doesn’t become a habit. There must be opportunity to ‘try’ even though ¬†success is not guaranteed.

If you are in a working environment that encourages creativity, celebrate. If you are not, find one that gives you that opportunity. Great accomplishments are realized after much trial and error. But . . . you must try.

As hockey legend Wayne Gretzky states,“You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.”


No part of these articles may be reproduced in any form without permission from the author.